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Fire-up Front-Line Performance with Simple Analytics

Today, we invite Doctor Data to have a short 3 minute chat with us. Doctor Data is busy and knows you are also. We want Doctor Data to share with us a quick diagnosis of whether a Company is already exposed to Four data sets which can fire-up front-line business performance.

Future: "Hello, Dr. Data. Thanks for coming here today."

Dr. Data: " Hello Guys. I want every company especially the smaller ones to do a quick self-check on whether they are exploiting data as much as possible. In fact, collecting this data is quite easy because of many tools available. And it is cheap !"

Future: "Fire on Doctor !"

Dr. Data: " They are:

1) Customer Analytics: Knowing the background of your customers helps you to plan your business and product strategy better. Many companies do not collect this data and it makes marketing, branding or product development more difficult and more expensive. Be careful of your local data privacy laws but in general customer analytics focus on gender, average income, age, customer life-time value, purchase histories.

2) Website Analytics: It is now a given that any company will have a website. However, the majority of companies do not bother investing to build a great website, and much less bother about looking into website traffic.

My point is: Your website is like a 24/7 shop-front and it attracts potential customers all over the world, even when you are asleep. Shouldn't you pay more attention to who visits and where they visit and why ? How do you improve customer engagement ?

Do you analyse your visitor location, language, search terms, and referring sites ?

3) Social Media Analytics: With a plethora of social media options, are you fully using the analytics from these platforms. Are you looking at trends, engagement, sentiment and opinions ? All these are valuable insights for that you can readily use in your future conversations with your customers.

4) Marketing Analytics: Are you using keyword research or paid-search marketing campaigns ? Google estimates that 80% of searchers click on an organic result over a paid advertisement. Incorporate your best performing keywords into your website and continue to generate relevant content.

Future: "You mean that's it ? And what you are saying is, it is actually not that difficult to start using data to improve sales and customer engagement ?"

Dr. Data: "Not at all. Take the first step, and most companies will discover it's not that scary at all. Data are angels, and not devils :P"


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